Guided Meditation Healing Session w/ Maryam Javanbakht

Sat, November 23, 2019 11AM - 12PM
1325 Palmetto St Unit 120 Los Angeles, CA 90013 map
Join Us Saturday November 23rd 2019, From 11am - 12pm for a guided imagery class designed to relax your mind and nervous system in order to allow your imagination to guide you to your most calm, balanced and rejuvenated self. Using all five senses, participants are guided and encouraged to allow themselves to explore ideas, feelings, and thoughts. Participants will become more attuned and attentive to their “inner selves” as the noise of the day falls to the side.

The class will consist of an initial relaxation portion centered around breathing techniques to ground the mind and body, followed by the guided imagery session. Following the session, participants will be encouraged to write down and explore their imagery with some guiding

Maryam Javanbakht is a Physical Therapist and founder of Clearbody Method, through her practice she addresses the connection between thoughts and emotions and how they affect our bodies; using Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, and Guided Imagery.

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