Virtual Sound Bath Healing Session w/ Francesca Hogi

Sat, May 9, 2020 11AM - 12PM
Join Us Virtually Saturday, May 9th 2020, From 11am - 12pm. Francesca Hogi is back and will lead another amazing Sound Bath Healing Session.

Francesca Hogi is a nationally recognized love and life coach and certified sound healing practitioner. She discovered sound healing by happening upon a sound bath and wondering what on earth is a sound bath? What she found was a transcendent experience. Sound healing, she discovered, was not just laying on the floor while someone played a random selection of sounds, but rather an intentional practice designed to help participants find deep relaxation and connect to their bodies in an inspiring way. After that, she attended as many sound baths as she could find, and eventually decided to formally study sound healing. Since completing her sound healing training, Francesca has been facilitating sound baths for clients and friends alike.

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